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Happy New Year Beauty Besties



Happy New Year Beauty Besties!!!!!

I pray that you were able to bring in a safe and meaningful NEW YEAR! Things do not always have to be going good in order for things to be good. As I brought in the new year listening to one of my favorite ministers he reminded me that its not always going to look like glitz and glamour but that does not mean that all is lost and you are not living a meaningful life.

You are being prepared for the goodness that's about to be demonstrated in your life. You will prevail. You will go on and live. The questions is "How are you going to live out the rest of your life?

My fave pastor said what good is it to walk around thinking "what good can happen to me at this time in my life?" Ohhhhh my sisssss soooooo much good can happen to you right now today! You just have to change your mind and believe it will!

Start manifesting greatness in your life you can totally live out the life you want! And it be totally amazing!

Anyway, I love you sooooo very much and I wanted you to know I'm thinking about you and I am proud to call you a Luxuri Lady and on of my beauty besties!

Happy New Year,

Shanai Dominique

Owner/ SD Luxuri Salon and Beauty Bar

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