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Friction Is Not Your Friend!

If you are living in Atlanta, Ga right now you are currently enjoying some cozy 70 degree weather, so, you may not feel me when I say its sweater weather ladies and Friction Is Not Your Friend!

I know its prime silk press and blow out season.

However, Stop and take the time to think about what those beautiful sweaters are doing to the back of your nape (neck)! Yes! They are ruining your hair by rubbing up against it causing friction.

In essence, your coveted wool scarves, turtlenecks and beautiful pea coats are rubbing the hair right off the back of your neck.

But, wait there are great alternatives and solutions, not all is lost. Have you ever opted for a silk or satin scarf? They are super classic and can be paired with any sweater or jacket for the winter season, and aside from providing just an amazing look, they provide the same warmth if not better then a wool scarf.

Although, protection doesn't begin there. You can also protect your silk press or blow out during the season by making sure you schedule your deep conditioning treatments and make sure you have the proper finishing products at home for future personal use.

On your next visit into the salon make sure you speak with your hair care provider about purchasing the right finishing products for your hair as we carry a wide variety of natural hair care products, as well as chemically

enhanced hair care products.

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